My Fab 5 of the Week!

This weekend has gone by fast! I lead such a boring life that when my friend comes up to visit me it pretty much made my whole week!!!


1. My fabulous girlfriend Steph from Ohio came to visit me this weekend.  It was sooooo nice having her come & visit me!

2. I didn't get to see one, but two awesome movies this weekend.  Steph & I went to see Magic Mike & Katy Perry.  Magic Mike was everything I thought it would be ....enough said! 

Katy Perry was not what I thought it would be. It was so much better. She is such a wonderful person. The end of the movie hit really close to home with me. I have so much more respect in her than I did before! ....I mean I really liked her before, but I like her so much more now.

3. Sushi Time! Steph & I decided to eat at Shogun. It was amazing!

4. Toby. The hubs & I got Toby, or who I call "Tubby", a few month back.  Bless his heart he is a good dog, but I am just now starting to warm up to him.  The hubs wanted a dog of his own (which I really wasn't keen on because I had a feeling he wouldn't take care of him) and decided to get a puppy.  I had my little chihuahua of two years and I really didn't want another dog. Long story short, Ryder, my little chihuahua got under our fence and ran into the road and got hit by a car.  I was devastated.  Tubby drove me nuts. It wasn't his fault, but the hubs didn't take care of him.  Tubby chews up EVERYTHING, ruined my flowers, digs holes in our yard, jumps on me constantly, gets our deck dirty and jumps all over our back door and gets it dirty too.  I was so bitter after Ryder died because this stupid loves me so much and I just didn't have it in my heart to love him back because I missed Ryder so much.  Lately I have been getting closer to Tubby.  It's not his fault the hubs doesn't teach him anything.  I have been working on tricks with him and he is slowly coming around. I have to admit, the hubs has just recently been working with him and spending more time with him. I'm starting to love this big goof!

5.  Getting flowers...even if they are from yourself! Out of the whole time the hubs & I have dated & married, he has never once got me flowers.  I absolutely love flowers, so today when I went to Walmart I thought why not!?! They were only $3.88.  That $3.88 put a huge smile on my face today and I love seeing them in my kitchen :) 


  1. I thought I left a comment on your post...stupid computer.
    Anyway, I think Tubby is making his way into your heart ;) He will be a good companion for you when Nate is gone. He's cute! Good luck with the training, you should blog on how he does!
    Love the flowers very pretty, and cant wait to see both of those movies. xoxox

    1. Thanks Misty! He is strictly an outside dog! But, I will let him in the basement in the winter time ;) I am going to get another chihuahua. My friend is a chihuahua breeder and she is where I got my Ryder from. She said Ryder's mom is going into heat pretty soon. So hopefully I'll have another furbaby by the end of this year ;)


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