My Fab 5 Of The Week!

I feel like this week went by pretty fast!

1. This week in my Med Lab class the girls & I made blood smears.  We did an amazing job for being our first time ever doing it! I was so proud of us! (Mine is the 2nd from the bottom)

2. I have been a blackberry girl for the past 5 years.  Well, this past week my phone decided to die.  So I decided to get a new phone.  I got the iPhone 4s.  I love it and I love Siri!!!!

3. Nate surprised me and took me to the Laurel Caverns. It was beautiful and we had  a good time!

4. When I went home last weekend my Mom & I went to the drug store and I found these peacock nail stickers.  I was a little annoyed that they didn't go on every well, but they were pretty!

5. I know, I know... totally ridiculous but I love Days of Our Lives.  This week they found Melanie!!!! I can't wait for Monday's episode!...unless the Olympics will block it out for two weeks! I hope not, because I need my Days fix! 

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