DIY St.Patricks Day Wreath

You will need:

-Plain wreath (Any craft store)
-Green Carnations (Dollar Tree)
-Green Glittery Shamrocks (AC Moore)
-Bow (AC Moore)
-Shamrock sign (AC Moore)
-Twisty tie
-Black Sharpie

I started out with taking the bunches of Carnations (8-10) and cutting each individual flower about half way down.

Then, I started placing them into the wreath where ever I thought looked good.

Next, I placed the bow in the upper right hand corner.

After I finished the bow, I cut the shamrocks about the same length as the flowers and stuck them in sporadically.

Next, I took my little shamrock sign and personalized it with our last name with a sharpie.

The last thing I did was take a twisty bread tie and attached the sign to the wreath. 
That was it....Easy breezy!

Wardrobe Wednesday

Top: Target

Bracelet: A little beach store in South Carolina
Ring: Avon
Earrings: Gabe's
Necklace: Origami Owl
Flats: Kmart

Saving Makeup & Money!

I came across a post that Lara Ramos posted on a blog from HSN. It was called: Save Makeup Save Money: Tips for Making Your Beauty Products Last. (Click Here to read it.) So I decided to make my own!
1. Coupons, coupons, coupons!!!!! Ladies, there are coupons everywhere!!!! Check out your weekend newspaper, pharmacy ads, and Ulta! Pharmacies are always having different sales or coupons. For more of the high end, I have an Ulta rewards card.  When I got it, they started sending me their ads. They always have a coupon code in it!!! They are good about having a clearance tab on their website too!
2. Reorganize your make up every few months! The other day while reorganizing all my makeup, I realized I had more than one of the same product, bunch of products that were very similar, and a bunch of things I didn't even realize I had. Use some of those products up first!!! If you don't, you'll just end up buying more of the same thing.
3. Clean those brushes ladies!!!! Remember that post on the importance of cleaning your brushes? No? Then Click Here to read it.
4. As Laura said in her post, scrape bottom! Don't just throw away a product when it is getting low, get one of those little spatulas that scrape the bottom so you get every last bit! Get every little bit of your moneys worth!
5. Return it! That's right, if you buy from places like Walmart or Rite Aid, you can return it if you don't like it.  I do that all the time.  Just the other day I saw some eyeshadow at Walmart, purchased it, tried it on, and was VERY disappointed! It didn't go on well at all.  Not a big deal, I just dug out my receipt and returned it.  Why keep something you don't like and will end up throwing it away?
What do you think? Do you have any makeup money saving tips? If so, please feel free to comment.  I would love to hear your tips too!

Pinterest DIY Shellac Hack

Have you seen that DIY Shellac Hack pin on Pinterest? It looked so easy, so I tried it!

All you need is:
  • Sally Hansen's Hard As Wraps
  • Your choice in polish
  • Sally Hansen's No Chip Top Coat
(Instructions are attached in the DIY Shellac Hack link)
This is one week exactly...not too shabby.  Once I started writing this blog post, I saw an update on the DIY Shellac Hack can use Sally Beauty Supply's Gelous polish and it lasts longer.  Seven days are long enough for me without chipping....I love changing my color! This was a definite hit!!!

Casey Jo Hospital a Update....She's a Home!!!!

Happy Valentines Day, all!!! Casey Jo is super happy because she's home!!!!!! She got discharged today with orders to come back in a few weeks to have her incision checked out by Dr. Onders.  The awesome thing was that my dear friend Brownie sent Casey Jo some flowers and balloons... And she sent me some for valentines day too! How sweet was that! I hope everyone is enjoying their Valentines Day, I know I am. :)

Casey Jo Hospital Update # 2

Casey Jo's surgery went well yesterday!! It took almost a half hour. When we got back to her room our mom and grandparents were there waiting for us! Casey walked to her bed and was sitting up like nothing had even happened! She got to eat a half of a grilled cheese sandwich!
Today, Casey is a little bit sore but she says it's not too bad. The discomfort is mainly when she coughs.

Yay! She is finally eating!!!!

Her incisions...

Today Her friend Tom came for a visit.

He bought me lunch and brought Casey these beautiful flowers.
All in all, she had a pretty good day.  She is feeling a little uncomfortable from all the air they put in her tummy during surgery and the incision sites, but over all feeling pretty good! She's a strong one!

My V-day Look

Here is a peak of my Valentines Day look:
1. NYX Lip Butter in Crème Brulee...I love the way this smells and it feels so good on my lips!
2. The Naked 3 Palette. Oh, my goodness....This palette has such romantic looking pink hues!!!!
3.  Ardel Eye Lashes in 110...These Lashes look natural, but they give you that little bit of  umph!
4. China Glaze Nail Polish in Ruby Heels...This is such a beautiful glittery red polish!
5. Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush...This blush gives you that gorgeous rosy glow.
Have you every tried any of these?
What are you going to be wearing on V-day?

Casey Jo Hospital Update #1

We're back!!!!
I'm really beginning to hate Cleveland, and I know Casey Jo & Dad probably agree!

Casey with Dr. D & his team.
Casey is back because of her gall bladder.  She is suppose to be getting it out later this week. I feel so bad for her because she has gone pretty much all week without nutrition.  She has only eaten once this was a cucumber!  She couldn't do her tube feedings at all this past week since the formula mostly consists of fat, and fat is one of the gall bladder triggers. Because she couldn't eat she has lost a lot of weight.  Dr. D and his team came in and said that she will have the surgery on Wednesday.  We are unsure of the time yet. Tomorrow should be pretty uneventful. She will meet with someone from the surgical team to talk about anesthesia and get her PICC line put in. 
Now all we have to do is wait for Wednesday to come!

My Fab 5 of the Week

In no particular order.....

1. Friday evening I decided to try the Pinterest "Shellac Nail Hack."

2. It's snowing...again! As much as I am over all this snow and winter, It is very beautiful to watch... Cocoa and a good book is calling my name.

3. Casey Jo got discharged this week and made progress towards the transplant list!

4.Mani/Pedi day with my Momma & me.  We haven't had a "just us" day in a long time.... it was way over due! (Please don't make fun of my alien looking toes! lol!)

5. I received my first Valentines cards from my two favorite little Valentines.

Casey Jo Transplant Journey Update

Today Casey Jo had an appointment at UPMC. It was to see if she has gotten bad enough to be placed on the Transplant list.  She had to have some test done again in order for them to see where she stands.
The first test she had to have done was the 6 minute walk.  It consisted of RT's (Respiratory Therapist) checking her oxygen level, heart rate and blood pressure before, during and after the walking test.  She started out with her oxygen level in the low 90's and it just kept dropping from there. (This is WITH oxygen on!) She got out of breath and her oxygen level dropped so the RT's stopped her test.
Next, she had to do her PFTs (Pulmonary Function Tests) and her ABGs (Arterial Blood Gasses.)
Her PFTs are still a low 24. Then she had her blood gasses drawn. These RT's must have been awesome because she said she didn't feel a thing! That is rare!!!! If you have ever had blood gasses drawn you know they hurt really bad!!!!

Once the PFTs and ABGs were over with, we all met up with Maureen, Casey's social worker.  She was very sweet and caring and talked to us about getting things in order for the transplant. Such as fundraising, expenses, and talking to Casey about a living will. 

Finally, Casey met up with Dr. Pilewski & his Fellow Dr. Sid. They were very informative and asked her a bunch of questions about how she has progressed.  At the moment, Casey hasn't been eating...anything at all.  When she does she gets sharp pains and gets very nauseous.  (It is her gall bladder.   The doctors know this and her surgery is scheduled for next week.) However, she hasn't had an appetite in over a year and her weight has been declining...even with her feeding tube. So, Dr.  Pilewski wants to wait until she gets her gall bladder out to see if the weight loss/loss of appetite is because of the gall bladder, or the progression of her disease.  Then we will go from there! When you are on the list, you get the lungs in order of severity and if it is a donor/recipient match.  We are hoping for the best!

Once we left, we stopped at Chili's for dinner...even though poor Casey didn't want to eat :(

Wardrobe Wednesday!

Today I realized I ran out of clothes! Casey Jo got out of the hospital on Monday and all the clothes I have packed are dirty... so I raided her closet!
Button Down Plaid- Arizona
Jeans- American Eagle
Adorable Irish Terrier Terror- Kirby
Boots- Ariat
Adorable Long Haired Chihuahua- Lily
Like this post? Check out what Lyndsay is wearing!

Casey Jo Hospital Update # 10.... Home!

Today was the day! She finally got to come home after being in the hospital for almost 3 weeks. Hemi was ecstatic to see her!

We finally found out that the pain she was having, for sure, was her gall bladder. She needs to have it out, but since she has an upcoming appointment to go to UPMC for transplant testing, the decided to discharge her. She will have to go back to Cleveland next week for surgery to remove her gall bladder. 

Did you notice anything about this picture? That's right, no oxygen!  The doctor says he thinks the high powered antibiotic worked. She can go without oxygen for short amount of times as long as she staying still and not moving around. But she will still need it at night and when she walks. She is so glad to be home surrounded by the dogs. 

Thank you, each and everyone for all of your positive thoughts, comments and prayers. We appreciate each and every one if them!

Casey Jo Hospital Update # 9

Casey's sugar levels were acting up for a couple days. She kept going low and her lowest was 33. So her doctors have lowered her insulin doses and are still trying to find a happy medium. Thankfully, her sugar hasn't went low for the past few days.

She has been keeping busy with all the goodies our family and friends have sent her! On Thursday, I came to stay with her, and our mom got to go home! Thursday was also our moms birthday!!! :)
 We've been laughing and keeping positive! 
Tomorrow (Monday) is suppose to be the day she goes home, BUT, Saturday night/Sunday morning she started having pain just under her right rib cage and she didn't sleep well from about 1AM to 7AM. She also had pain in her right arm. Her doctor thinks it may be her gall bladder! They worked her into the ultrasound schedule to have it checked. The doctor that is here is the 'on call' so her CF doctor won't come in until Monday morning. We are kind of at a stand still on whether or not she'll get to go home. We are thinking she will be discharged so she can go to her UPMC appointment on Thursday. Then, maybe come back if she needs her gall bladder taken out. We're just playing by ear for now!
She did have a visitor today!!!! One of her best friends/former boss came and they chatted for a few hours! They haven't seen each other for a long time! Casey really enjoyed her afternoon! 

Here's Casey and Serena!

Thank you for all the prayers!!! They mean so much to us!

Things I've learned from Gypsy Sisters

Anyone out there watch Gypsy Sisters too??? It is definitely one of my guilty pleasures! You may think this show is all about flashy, trashy, family drama, but I have actually learned quite a bit from those rowdy ladies!
(Photo from TLC)

Gypsy Sisters Tip #1
Vinegar soaked veggies help you stay skinny!
They soak their veggies/fruit in apple cider vinegar and snack on them to help curb their appetite.
Gypsy Sisters Tip #2
 "Motor oil gives you one hell of a tan!" (Except they pronounce it "oool")
***(I DO NOT recommend this!!!! Always use your SPF!!!!)***
Gypsy Sisters Tip #3
 How to do your own egg white and fruit facials with blueberries & bananas!
 (Egg white facial was on a different episode.)
Gypsy Sisters Tip #4
Throw in some vinegar with your dishes when you run the dish washer...Makes your dishes spot-free and shine!
Gypsy Sisters Tip #5
Clean your upholstery with warm water and pine cleaner.
Gypsy Sisters Tip #6
Everything in the kitchen must be touched with bleach!
Gypsy Sisters Tip #7
Clean your stainless steel appliances with know, the wood cleaner!
Gypsy Sisters Tip #8
Beware: Monkeys & birds = death!
....And Hollister, neons and bling never go out of style! ;)
Anyone else watch Gypsy Sisters???
What other tips have you learned from them???

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