Liebster Blog Award

I was looking at my comments today and I saw where I have been nominated for a Liebster Award for newish/up and coming Bloggers who have less than 200 followers!

The idea is that people win the award and pass it on to other Bloggers who are in the same boat. My research tells me that the rules are;

  • Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
  • They must also answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for them.
  • They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
  • They must then choose 11 bloggers to tag with less than 200 followers.
  • These lucky bloggers must be told.
  • There are no tag backs.

11 Things About Me

  1. I am a christian.  I know sometimes I may not act like it, but my heart is in the right spot!
  2. I have a star in the sky named after me.
  3. I am a addicted to Pinterest.
  4. I have a sister with Cystic Fibrosis. (Ask me about it!) I'm always trying to raise money for Great Strides. 
  5. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education, but I am currently going back to school to be a MLT. 
  6. I love reading blogs about fashion and beauty.  I just love learning new tips!
  7. I miss Texas.  I will move back to The Woodlands again someday :)
  8. I LOVE to read! I read just about anything.
  9. I LOVE  watching Honey Boo & The housewives reality shows.
  10. I am married.
  11. I have the best friends & family a girl could ask for :)

11 Questions from my nominator Sweetie Sal: A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?
        Blog about what you love and have fun doing it! :)

    2. What are your blogging career aspirations?
         To become a MLT (Medical Laboratory Tech) or perhaps a MT someday! 
         (Medical Technologist)

    3. You are on holiday in the UK and have lost your luggage, what top 5 beauty items would  
         you re-buy in an emergency? You have £50.
         Oh wow! Since I always carry my purse, I have lip gloss/stick, and powder with me at all 
         times so I guess all I would need would be mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush & body  
         spray!- I don't want to be stinky! lol!

    4. Who are your top 3 favourite bloggers?
         My friend Lyndsay from The All My Love Blog
         My beautiful cousin Misty from The Life of the Malones
         Kate from The Small Things Blog -This was the first blog I ever checked out.  I LOVE it!
         (You my recognize her from Pinterest)

    5. If you could shop in only one shop for the rest of your life what would it be? (Department
        Stores don't count!) OMG! What a hard question! Probably Sam Moon in TX

    6. What would your dream job be?
        Fashion Designer

    7. What is your favourite food?
        Sea Food!

    8. Tell us something you are proud of.
        I just made the Dean's list for last semester and my teachers Nominated me to be Vice
        President of our HOSA organization.

    9. What do you wish you invented and why?
        The nail dryer.  I actually dreamed of inventing this in the 3rd grade and then realized they
        already made it....bummed me out!

    10. Where in the world would you live if money was no object?
          I would travel the world, but The Woodlands, TX USA is where I'd live.

    11. What would be your first splurge if you won the lottery?
          A family vacation! (after I pay off some debt of course!)

Here are my nominees;

And here are your questions girls!

1. If you could go anywhere in the world to visit, where would it be?
2. Do you read? If so who is your favorite author?
3. What is your occupation?
4. What inspired you to blog?
5. Who is your fashion Icon?
6. What is your favorite store to shop for clothes?
7. What is your favorite store to shop for cosmetics?
8. Where do you live? USA? UK? Other?
9. Favorite tv show?
10. If you could only choose 1 cosmetic to use on your face, what would it be?
11. Have you ever met up with a fellow blogger?

Have fun answering those questions ladies and thanks again to Sweetie Sal for the nomination! :)

Please take time and look at each of these Ladies blogs! They are wonderful blogs! :)


  1. You're one of my favorite bloggers too, Jo. :) You touch my heart everyday <3

  2. Stopping by from Life After Laundry to say Hello. I am a new follower of yours now too. Loved reading this article, it was very interesting. I had never heard of this before, but I am a very new blogger. Congrats on being nominated.

    1. It's too bad I didn't find your blog until now! I could have nominated you! Thanks :)

  3. thank you thank you thank you!
    i had a blast trying to figure out who to nominate. I'm super flattered that you thought to nominate me!

    loved answering your questions,here's my post!

    xo michelle

    1. You are so very welcome! I love your blog! :)

  4. Thank you so much! You are too sweet! Congrats to you for being nominated as well, love. :)


  5. Thank you so much!!! This is awesome :) I will be featuring you as well!

    Ps. I read where you're from The Woodlands--we're from the same neck of the woods!


    1. Thanks! I miss The Woodlands so much! I will be back someday ;)

  6. Also very much addicted to Pinterest and those silly Real Housewives! :)

  7. Love it! This is really interesting.
    Congratulations on this award :)
    I'm a new follower of your blog.
    waiting to have you on my followers list.


  8. congrats! great post! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  9. Hello, your blog is very nice, I will follow!
    If you want to return


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