Wardrobe Wednesday

Hope everyone is having a great wednesday!!!
Here is my outfit for this Wednesday:
 Plain Black Shirt: Ross
Gray Long Sweater: Kohls (1 year ago)
 'J' Monogrammed Necklace: Etsy $23.00
Cross bracelet:  Amazon $2.95
Ring: Premier Designs

L'Oreal Paris BB Cream Youth Code

I am in love with L'Oreal BB Cream Youth Code.
I bought this about 2 months ago and it has made a difference in my skin! I feel like it has helped with my breakouts and makes my skin tone look even.

13.99 Target
The only problem was that I accidentally bought the medium tone instead of the light...so it is a little dark on me. But otherwise, I think it is working out well!

Have you tried L'Oreal BB Cream Youth Code? If so what do you think about it?

My Fab 5 of the Week

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! 
I know I did!

1. The start of this week was soooo stressful! I had tests in my classes before our break and just not enough time to study for them! The only thing keeping me sane was my little Lily!
2. We had Thanksgiving at my sisters house on Wednesday night after I got out of class. It was so nice.
My dad & sis
My Daddy
The hubs & I with our y a little Lily
3. I am so thankful to be able to spend another Thanksgiving with my fabulous Great-Grandmother.  Each year with her is truly a blessing!
Great Gram & me
My Great Grams hand, My Grandmother, Mother and My hands
4. Shopping!!!!! The hubs took me out to eat at Cheddars and then shopping on Friday. 
5.Breakfast with my Momma before leaving to go back to PA :)
It's just the little things in life that means the most!

22 Days of Thanksgiving Day 22

Today I am thankful for Our Service Men & Women. 
I have many family members in the Army, Marines, Guard and Navy. I am so thankful to their service to our country. Especially those who can't be with their families because they are keeping our country safe.
God bless their hearts.
Thanksgiving 2012 Afghanistan
Please say a prayer for those who can't be with their families this Thanksgiving and Christmas because they are keeping our Country safe.
Happy Thanksgiving!

22 Days of Thankfulness Day 21

Today I am thankful I get to Spend time with my crazy family.

My Dad

My Dad & Casey Jo
Today we get to have thanksgiving at my sister's new home. I am so excited to see my family and have our first family dinner in her new house .

22 Days of Thankfulness Day 20

Today I am thankful for our first responders!
This past weekend I went back home for a wedding.  While I was there, I picked up my friend S from the fire department.  Her husband works there.  While I went to pick her up, her husband showed up and asked if I have ever seen the fire station.  I hadn't, so he gave me a little tour.

S & I

I don't know how S can be a Fireman's wife, I would be worried all the time! Those men work so hard and don't get enough recognition for what they do!

22 Days of Thankfulness Day 19

Today I am thankful for who ever invented Banquet Homestyle Bakes!!!!!
With going back to school and having an old-school husband who expects dinner on the table at 6pm, this is a life saver!!!! It has a 5 min prep time, stick it in the oven and bake it.  The hubs thinks I make these from scratch.  Ha! Little does he know, it came from a box ;)

22 Days of Thankfulness Day 18

Today I am thankful for living only 2 1/2 hours away from my hometown!
I had such a busy weekend back home, and I'm fighting a losing battle with this cold!
I. WILL. WIN!!!!!!!

One of the views on my way home :)
Before, my husband & I lived in Texas.  If we would drive back home it would take a whole 24 hour drive! I am so thankful we moved closer to home! Now if I need to go home for family things, holidays, or weddings I am a lot closer!

22 Days of Thankfulness Day 17

Today I am thankful for this beautiful, simple necklace.

This was the last piece of jewelry my Mamaw gave me before she passed away unexpectedly.
I treasure this necklace.  I always seem to loose jewelry, but for some reason I haven't lost this. (Thank God!) I wear it almost everyday. When I wear it, it makes me smile & think of her.
Do you have special jewelry from a family member you always treasure?

22 Days of Thankfulness Day 16

Today I am thankful that the hubs & I FINALLY agreed on a name for our precious pooch!
Meet Lily!
It took us a while, but she finally got her name :)

22 Days of Thankfulness Day 15

Today I am thankful for my favorite magazine:
I LOVE InStyle! It is my go-to magazine on fashion.  It gives me so many ideas and keeps me up with the current trends.
Do you get IsStyle too?

22 Days of Thankfulness Day 14

Today I am thankful for Airborne!
Bless that teacher's heart who invented this! Every time I start to feel run-down, as if I am getting a cold, I take this stuff and magically feel better! I felt like this when I woke up this morning and I hope by the end of the day I start feeling better.
(I probably just jinxed myself! Lol!)

22 Days of Thankfulness Day 13

Today I am thankful for living near the mountains.
 I love the fact that I can look out my front window and see the mountains in the background.  It is especially nice to see them on my drive to and from school everyday. :)

22 Days of Thankfulness Day 12

In honor of Veterans Day, I am so thankful for our service men & women.
There are 3 who are my favorite. 
 They are my grandfathers.  

The man in the middle is my Great Grandfather Joe during WWII.
Grandpa Joe on the right.
Reading Life magazine in Japan
Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of my Mom's Father, who I call Poppa, when he was stationed in Germany. But this is us in San Antonio at the Alamo.

Poppa & N
These are pics of my Dad's Father, my Papaw When he was in Japan during WWII
My Papaw was so young here!
My Grandfather guarding the Emperors Palace. 
(That white horse was famous!)
My Papaw is in the last row.  4th from the right.
Don't forget to thank a Veteran today!!! :)

22 Days of Thankfulness Days 10 & 11

You know how I said on Fridays post I would tell you the reason for my trip?
Well, I took a little detour to the ER, so I never got the chance to tell you.
Days 10 & 11, I am thankful for my new puppy, and the wonders of modern medicine!!!
My husband drove me 5 hours to Chillicothe, OH to pick out a puppy.  On the way I got car sick so I made him pull over and let me drive. Then, he got carsick...it was a vicious circle!
We finally got there and I got the cutest little long haired chihuahua!
Isn't she cute!!!
I had a wonderful day with her yesterday, until I started having what I thought was a migraine!
Then it kept getting worse.  It hurt so bad I was crying hysterically.  I was so nauseous I could smell anything & everything from a mile away.  I couldn't keep anything down either!  The lights were killing me. I was afraid I was having an aneurysm. My dad's grandfather died of one. (So I am always paranoid of them!) So my hubby took me to the ER.  They gave me a CT and two shots in my hip.  They said it was an acute headache.  I was like a you freaking kidding me? That made me sound like I was being a big baby! I thought for sure it was a migraine. It was the WORST headache of my life. I had migraines after an auto accident I was in a few years ago, but they were nothing like this.  I'm glad I didn't die...even though I wished a few times I would since it hurt so bad! So I am VERY thankful for modern medicine! After those shots it went away quickly!
So...my puppy still doesn't have a name....
any suggestions?

22 Days of Thankfulness Day 9

Today I am thankful for time spent with my husband. 
We usually don't get to spend a whole lot of time together.
Today we went on a little trip and spent 6 hours in the car together.
The beginning was a little rocky, I got car sick and had to drive, then he got car sick...but we made it...in one piece without killing each other. ;)
(The reason will be tomorrows post!)

Blogger Book Swap

While I was looking at blogs I stumbled across the Sweet Green Tangerine Blog.
I saw where she was hosting a Book Swap. I have never done a swap before so I signed up! I love love love books!!!! I am always reading! So this seemed like a lot of fun! She choose my partner, Jennifer, from the Whiskful Thinking Blog. She couldn't have chosen a better partner! :) Jennifer & I exchanged email addresses and Good Reads accounts. (So we know what the other has read, and what type of books we read.) I had so much fun with this! Then we sent the books to each other by November 1st. This is the book I received in the mail:
I have only read one other Jennifer Weiner book and it was In Her Shoes.  I loved it, so I figure I'll love this one too! (Plus Jennifer loved it and we seem to have the same taste in books!)
She also sent me a sweet card with it!
I am so excited to crack open this book & read it!!! :)

22 Days of Thankfulness Day 8

Today I am Thankful for all the new friends I have made on my blog.
I get really lonely moving around a lot with my husband's job, but it feels great when I post something and my Blogging friends comment on it. It makes me feel like I really have friends out there.  I have the most amazing friends back home, but I can't see them whenever I want and they are hundreds of miles away.  This blog helps me fight my loneliness.  So thank you all my blogging friends! You are all very special to me and each & every comment make my day! :)
Found this on Pinterest :)

22 Days of Thankfulness Day 7

Today I am thankful for my husband supporting me through school.
I already have an associates degree in Early Childhood Education. But, I discovered real fast that just wasn't for me! I really dislike children- except my nieces, nephews and my friends kids. (I love them to death!)
The hubs & I at my first college graduation before we were married
 It took me a while to figure out what I really wanted to do with the rest of my life.
 I used to be a phlebotomist. (The person who draws your blood for the laboratory in a hospital or doctors office) I loved it! So I figured being a Medical Laboratory Tech (MLT) would be the perfect career for me.  I am very fortunate to have a husband who lets me stay at home and focus all my time on school.
Are you going back to school?
What for?

22 Days of Thankfulness Day6

Today I am Thankful I am an American!
I am thankful to live in a country where my vote counts! There are so many countries where women have no rights and are persecuted for even saying a word.  I love my country and I feel pride in it. Especially when I vote.
Did you vote today?

22 Days of Thankfulness Day 5

I am Thankful for the "Little Things" in life. 
The things in life that matter most to me are the little things. It doesn't take much to make me happy or smile. A few months back I came home to flowers on my porch. They were from my Daddy- just because.
Friday my sister Casey Jo came up to PA.  When she left, I found this in the cabinet:
That just made my day :)
Do you like the "Little Things" too?

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