22 Days of Thankfulness Day 12

In honor of Veterans Day, I am so thankful for our service men & women.
There are 3 who are my favorite. 
 They are my grandfathers.  

The man in the middle is my Great Grandfather Joe during WWII.
Grandpa Joe on the right.
Reading Life magazine in Japan
Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of my Mom's Father, who I call Poppa, when he was stationed in Germany. But this is us in San Antonio at the Alamo.

Poppa & N
These are pics of my Dad's Father, my Papaw When he was in Japan during WWII
My Papaw was so young here!
My Grandfather guarding the Emperors Palace. 
(That white horse was famous!)
My Papaw is in the last row.  4th from the right.
Don't forget to thank a Veteran today!!! :)


  1. Wow, I love looking at photos like this. Thank you for sharing! xoxo.

    1. Thanks! I love looking at old photos! :)

  2. Followin' back, lady! I LOVE that you did a post for Vets day...awesome! Seriously.


  3. Oh i love to look at photos from back in a day. my dad has an album where he is in the army (hes now 73). photos pretty fascinating!

  4. Those older photos are amazing!!! I am really into WWII history and I love my all these old photos my Dad has of his Dad. Keep those in a safe place!!

    1. Thanks! I keep them in a safe place, I love all the old photos from my family!;)


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