Casey Jo Hospital Update # 4

On Sunday, Casey Jo had a few visitors! Dad, our Aunt Kelly and I went up so that I can stay with her and give our mom a break. Can't forget Hemi! He got to visit too! Her friend Brad came up, and her former co-worker, Michael and his girlfriend, Sarah, also came and brought pizza and flowers! 
Today, her friend Megan came and got to spend the afternoon reminiscing on the 'old times' 
They also started her IV medicine back up today! She has started eating a little so we are happy with that progress!
Aunt Kel, Me, Casey Jo, Hemi & Mom

Dad, CJ, Mom & Hemi

The four of us
Dad & Casey Jo

Megan with Casey Jo
Lovely Flowers Michael & Sarah brought her.
Casey eating some food....thank goodness!!!!!

Casey Jo Hospital Update #3

Today was a better day for Casey! She stayed awake most of the day! She also walked a few laps around her floors unit and ate a little bit of a quesadilla!! 
Her lab results came in, and she has no kidney damage.  Praise the lord!!! They are still going to flush out her kidneys with the plain IV drip for a while longer before putting her back on the IV meds.
Thanks for all the sweet comments & prayers!!!

Casey Jo Hospital Update #2

The past few days were pretty uneventful for Casey Jo. The Colistin (antibiotic) she is on makes her very sleepy. She sleeps pretty much all day. Today, unfortunately, she had a set back.

When doing her lab work, they discovered her Vancomycin trough (Test that monitors her vanc antibiotic therapy) was too high. Since both the Colistin and Vanc levels are high, it can be damaging her kidneys. Both antibiotics have been stopped. They are just doing Zosyn (yes, ANOTHER antibiotic) and an IV fluid drip for a couple of days to flush out her kidneys. Poor thing still has no appetite.
Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and prayers.  Casey Jo loves reading them and they really brighten her day!

Casey Jo Update...Back in the Hosptial!

Well, Casey Jo has been feeling very short of breath again lately, even while sitting doing nothing! She was on an inhaled antibiotic but that didn't seem to help, so she was switched to an oral antibiotic and has gotten even worse. So when she told her nurse, Sue, she said to come in for a hospital stay and get on IVs. She'll be in the hospital for 3 weeks as she is on 3 different IVs and the one IV she's on she has to stay in the hospital the whole dose (like back in January.)  Her appetite is still not good... at all. She lost a few more pounds since her last clinic visit last month. 
Today when she was admitted they drew a blood gas to check if there is too much CO2 in Casey's lungs. The results said there is an increase but nothing outrageous. 
Then she got a PICC line placed this evening and here are a few pictures!
Getting set up for the PICC line!

Looking on the ultrasound machine for a vein.

Streaming the wire to make sure the PICC will go through. It kept getting stuck in the bend of her armpit but after a BUNCH of arm positions it finally pushed through!

Wardrobe Wednesday

Plain black shirt/sweater: Target
Printed scarf with a touch of teal: Sam Moon

Ring on left: TJ Maxx
Ring on right: Avon

My Fab 5 of the Week

1. My nails are now ready for St. Patrick's Day! Polish: Green- Lime Light by Nina from Sally's Beauty Supply. Glitter-Call You Later by Sinful Colors from Walgreen's.

2. I am absolutely "head over heels" in love with my heels! I got them super cheap off of Zulily!

3. Got my Birchbox! I am loving this months samples.

4. I finally finished Divergent...right in time for the movie to come out next week!

5. I went to the movies the other night and watched Need For Speed. I LOVED it!!!! Nothing better than watching hott guys and cool cars!

Check it out!!!!

Hey y'all!
I am so excited to announce that I am now a contributor to an awesome website called Makeup Miracles Online. It is a great website full of amazing makeup advice, tips & tricks!
Check it out!

The Blogmopolitan Quiz

I was checking out my usual favorite blogs last week, and came across Lisette, from Northern Belle Diaries, Blogmopolitan Quiz.  You know, kinda like those quizzes the celebs do in Cosmopolitan magazine? I loved it! I thought it was such a cute idea.  It was originally a link up post from Erin, at Two Thirds Hazel. I missed the cut off days to the link up, but decided to just go ahead and do it anyways just for fun.

February Hits & Misses

Hello Ladies!!!
Here is my newest vlog on February's Hits & Misses:
Is there anything you would like me to try? If so, feel free to comment below! I love hearing feedback!

How I Apply Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara

Have you seen the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara?
This stuff is pretty awesome! In my video I did one eye with one coat of plain mascara. The other eye I did three coats of the fibers.  Check it out and let me know what you think!
I have the website to Younique linked in the down bar in my description on my video.  If you like it please give me a thumbs up! :)

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