Things I've learned from Gypsy Sisters

Anyone out there watch Gypsy Sisters too??? It is definitely one of my guilty pleasures! You may think this show is all about flashy, trashy, family drama, but I have actually learned quite a bit from those rowdy ladies!
(Photo from TLC)

Gypsy Sisters Tip #1
Vinegar soaked veggies help you stay skinny!
They soak their veggies/fruit in apple cider vinegar and snack on them to help curb their appetite.
Gypsy Sisters Tip #2
 "Motor oil gives you one hell of a tan!" (Except they pronounce it "oool")
***(I DO NOT recommend this!!!! Always use your SPF!!!!)***
Gypsy Sisters Tip #3
 How to do your own egg white and fruit facials with blueberries & bananas!
 (Egg white facial was on a different episode.)
Gypsy Sisters Tip #4
Throw in some vinegar with your dishes when you run the dish washer...Makes your dishes spot-free and shine!
Gypsy Sisters Tip #5
Clean your upholstery with warm water and pine cleaner.
Gypsy Sisters Tip #6
Everything in the kitchen must be touched with bleach!
Gypsy Sisters Tip #7
Clean your stainless steel appliances with know, the wood cleaner!
Gypsy Sisters Tip #8
Beware: Monkeys & birds = death!
....And Hollister, neons and bling never go out of style! ;)
Anyone else watch Gypsy Sisters???
What other tips have you learned from them???


  1. OMG I love this show!
    xoxo Ashley

  2. Haha I thoroughly enjoyed this post! That is totally my guilty pleasure show, too. I cringed during the episode where they talked about tanning with motor oil.

    1. There was one even worse I didn't post: Laura talked about how she bleaches her teeth with real Clorox bleach!!!! I don't even want to know what her enamel looks like on her teeth! Lol!


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