Casey Jo Hospital Update # 9

Casey's sugar levels were acting up for a couple days. She kept going low and her lowest was 33. So her doctors have lowered her insulin doses and are still trying to find a happy medium. Thankfully, her sugar hasn't went low for the past few days.

She has been keeping busy with all the goodies our family and friends have sent her! On Thursday, I came to stay with her, and our mom got to go home! Thursday was also our moms birthday!!! :)
 We've been laughing and keeping positive! 
Tomorrow (Monday) is suppose to be the day she goes home, BUT, Saturday night/Sunday morning she started having pain just under her right rib cage and she didn't sleep well from about 1AM to 7AM. She also had pain in her right arm. Her doctor thinks it may be her gall bladder! They worked her into the ultrasound schedule to have it checked. The doctor that is here is the 'on call' so her CF doctor won't come in until Monday morning. We are kind of at a stand still on whether or not she'll get to go home. We are thinking she will be discharged so she can go to her UPMC appointment on Thursday. Then, maybe come back if she needs her gall bladder taken out. We're just playing by ear for now!
She did have a visitor today!!!! One of her best friends/former boss came and they chatted for a few hours! They haven't seen each other for a long time! Casey really enjoyed her afternoon! 

Here's Casey and Serena!

Thank you for all the prayers!!! They mean so much to us!

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  1. Two beauties right there! Both are former softball players I got to coach...isn't it a small world - and happily, filled with wonderful people :)


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