DIY Fall Wreath

I have been feeling kind of crafty lately and decided to make a fall wreath.  So... I went to JoAnn's and bought some materials to make my own wreath. It was super easy to make!
All you need is a wreath, vines you would like to make the wreath, thin wires, and wire cutters.
First cut off a bit of the wire.
Take that cut piece and twist-tie the vine to the wreath. keep doing this until you are finished tying the whole vine to the wreath.
Next, add the rest of the vines. Then, just do minor adjustments to the wreath that you see fit.
And there you have it! :)
(I got all the fall decor 40% off at JoAnn's)

Cute, Plain, Blue Pants Outfit

A couple of weeks ago I went to Dots and found this cute, plain outfit. As soon as I tried on the pants I fell in love :)
Shirt- Dots: $6
Blue Pants- Dots: $22
Blue Merona Flats- Target: $7 (Clearance)
Bracelet- Dots: $1.80
Necklace-Troll: (Sorry I have no clue how much It was because N got it for me 3 years ago) 

How To Tell If Eggs Are Bad

The other day I wanted to make some scrambled eggs.  I took the eggs out of the fridge and noticed the eggs expired over a week ago.  So I called my friend Lizzie (Since she's my go-to gal on food expiration matters-being a farm girl in all) and asked her how do I know if eggs are still good.

She told me to place the egg in a tall sauce pan full of water.  If it sinks, it is good to go.  If it floats it is bad.  I figured I'd share this with you.  Surely I'm not the only undomesticated girl out there ;) 

My Fab 5 Of The Week

This week really seemed to fly by! It was such a crazy week!
1. First off, I went to Target Wednesday and I picked up a package of dog erasers. When I picked them up and looked at them, this is exactly what it looked like! The were suppose to be glued in place but they fell off in that position! I laughed, took a pic and sent it to my sister because I figured she'd get a laugh out of it too. Then, later that day, I got the BEST. NEWS. EVER... Anjee, my friend/chihuahua breeder told me her dog is in heat! (For those of you who don't know, my beloved chihuahua passed away a few months back) I'm getting a puppy! :)
(Do I think these erasers were a sign? I sure do!)
2. The same day I found those erasers at target, I found the Biebs CD on sale for $6.99! Score!
3. The Garbage Men. I was doing my hair in the bathroom when I heard the garbage men outside at my neighbors house.  I was like crap! Because I forgot to set the trash out. So I ran outside to throw the trash out.  AND, THEY HIT ON ME! ...And did I mention they were really good-looking! There is no greater feeling, than when you are married, and you know you still got it goin' on!
...Did I really just say that? Yep, I think I've hit an all time low! lol!

4.  For those of you who don't know, Starbucks can make their Frapps decaf!
My favorite way to drink my Mocha Frapp is with a shot of raspberry flavoring in it. Delish!
5. I got some more good news this past week, my sister and her boyfriend got the house they were trying to buy! Yay them! Isn't it cute?!

Cheetah Nail Gellies

I went to Walmart a couple of days ago and found these Fingers Flirt Nail Art Gellies. They looked super cool so I bought them.

Nail Gellies: Walmart- $3.87
 Essie Polish color "Boxer Shorts": Rite Aid- $8.00

These Nail Gellies were very easy to put on.

First, I polished my nails.

After they dried, I placed the Gellies on the nails I wanted them on. Then put a top coat on.

And there you have it! :)

Feel free to ask questions or comment.  I love getting feedback! (Add your name if you like when commenting)
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My Fab 5 Of The Week!

1. This is what I came home to on Monday. My husband brought me home flowers :)

2. Eeekkkk! I am super excited about this month's issue of Vanity Fair. I love, love, LOVE Princess Kate! She is the epitome of elegance and grace. I love her fab taste!

3. I found these fabulous sunglasses while shopping with my friend Cole in Atlanta. I left them in N's truck and forgot all about them. So glad I found them because I love them!

4. N Took me to watch The Campaign. It was so funny!!!!

Here is the trailer :)

5. Today, while shopping, I found these Scunci No-Slip Grip Super Bandz. 

Not exactly sure how I feel about them yet... but they are okay for now.

How To Make A Super Easy Infinity Scarf!

I wrote a blog post about how to make an infinity loop scarf on my last blog but I accidentally erased it.  It was probably for the best because I found a way to make it even better :)

First pick out your material.  I found this cute, thin, flowy material from Walmart super cheap! I used about 2 1/2 yards.


Lay the material out flat and cut vertically straight down.

Next I made a zig-zag stitch straight down each vertical side of the scarf. (I do this for 2 reasons. So the edges don't fray as easy and It will also help later on as a guide when you sew the sides together)

This is what each side should look like once you have finished.

Next, lay the scarf out flat.  Right side up.  (Right side up means the design side.  Wrong side means the back, faded side of the fabric) Then fold it long ways with right side together. Line up the material with both of the stitching sides and start pinning all the way down.

Start sewing the long sides together! (DON'T sew the two short ends together!)

Next, pull it through inside out!

Take both of the ends and place them together.  Next, fold the end, and fold once more again and pin across.

Once you sew that final side you are finished! The finished sewn end is the end you put around your neck and start wrapping :)

My Fab 5 Of The Week!

What a week! 

1. This week at school we got our progress reports.  I am thankful to announce I am doing really well!  I only have one left to get, but I'm pretty positive it is an A also. :)

2. My mom & sister came up for a visit.  I love it when they visit! They brought their dogs with them.
Hemi is K's little Italian Greyhound.

He is my little buddy.
...And here is Kirby.  My Mom's dog.
Isn't he the cutest?

3. While my Mom & Sis came up, we went to a Pirates game.  We had a blast. (I like the Pirates, but I'm really an Astro's girl)

PNC Park
Pirates vs the Padres

4. As I was searching for something to watch On Demand, I stumbled upon Jack Osbourne's Haunted Highway on Syfy.  How in the world did I miss this? I freaking love it!

5. Did anyone else watch the season finale of Dallas on TNT? Can we say O-M-G!!!!! Wow was it good! I am completely addicted to this show! N & I watch this together.  Usually I wait until he is home to watch it so we can watch it together.  But since he was out of town this week, I watched it! (Hope he isn't reading this  ;) lol!) I just can't wait until next season!!!

Fabulous Fedora's

I love hats....Especially fedoras! I think they are a great way to accessorize a a plain outfit.  Here are just a few I have:

I think they are so classy....and they are great for days you really don't feel like washing your hair ;)

Sam Moon

Anyone who knows me, knows my love for shopping.  I love, love, LOVE to shop! If  you want something in particular I can usually tell you where you'll find it the cheapest.  My favorite place to shop for jewelry, accessories and purses in Texas was Sam Moon.  It was sooo close to where I lived in The Woodlands.

Walking into this store was like walking into heaven! They sell hair pieces, luggage, hair accessories, all kinds of jewelry,  scarves, hats, belts, shirts, all kinds of purses & wallets, sandals.... and I know they have much, much more. This store is about the size of a regular Walmart.  It is huge! I think I love going here so much because back home everyone gets the same stuff because there isn' t much of a variety to shop from.  I knew I'd miss it once I moved. 

A couple of months ago I was telling my hair dresser about that store because she really liked the necklace I was wearing. I told her about Sam Moon.  She asked me if they had a website.  ....Duh! Why didn't I think of that?!?!? So I went online as soon as I got home & found it!  I was like a kid on Christmas morning! I was so excited I can still get my favorite cute & cheap accessories from Sam Moon!!!

Last week while I was shopping online I decided to check them out.  I found this purse I had to have and 3 rings that matched different necklaces I have.... I'm in love!

Purse $27.99
Rings: Blue $5
              Brown $7
           Gold $5

(Click on the blue words & it will take you directly to that part of the site!)

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