My Fab 5 Of The Week

This week seemed to go on forever!!! I was soooo glad when the weekend finally came around.  Now I'm bummed to go back to reality tomorrow.

1. Sunday N took me to the fair. He played some games and won me a fish.  I was so excited.  I know, I am so ridiculous, but the littlest things excite me! Well, not even hour after we brought it home it died.  N found him belly up :(  So Monday he took me to Pet Smart and bought me 3 more :)


2. My friend Anjee, who was also Ryder's breeder, knows how heartbroken I still am over the loss of my little Chihuahua. She gave me the website of Pet Memorial Jewelry. I loved it.  I had this necklace made in memory of my little Ryder.


3. I love Bristol Palin's Life's A Tripp! It is such a cute show! Well, apparently my DVR hasn't been recording it.  I just happened to stumble over all the episodes I've missed On Demand. 

4. I love it when you don't study for a test and are still able to get over 100%!!! -Well, kinda. I was VERY lucky to get this! Our MLT instructor didn't have us study for some of the questions so if we got any of them right we got them as bonus! Thank you Lord!  

5. N took me to see The Watch this weekend.  It was so much better than I thought it would be!

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