My Fab 5 Of The Week

This week really seemed to fly by! It was such a crazy week!
1. First off, I went to Target Wednesday and I picked up a package of dog erasers. When I picked them up and looked at them, this is exactly what it looked like! The were suppose to be glued in place but they fell off in that position! I laughed, took a pic and sent it to my sister because I figured she'd get a laugh out of it too. Then, later that day, I got the BEST. NEWS. EVER... Anjee, my friend/chihuahua breeder told me her dog is in heat! (For those of you who don't know, my beloved chihuahua passed away a few months back) I'm getting a puppy! :)
(Do I think these erasers were a sign? I sure do!)
2. The same day I found those erasers at target, I found the Biebs CD on sale for $6.99! Score!
3. The Garbage Men. I was doing my hair in the bathroom when I heard the garbage men outside at my neighbors house.  I was like crap! Because I forgot to set the trash out. So I ran outside to throw the trash out.  AND, THEY HIT ON ME! ...And did I mention they were really good-looking! There is no greater feeling, than when you are married, and you know you still got it goin' on!
...Did I really just say that? Yep, I think I've hit an all time low! lol!

4.  For those of you who don't know, Starbucks can make their Frapps decaf!
My favorite way to drink my Mocha Frapp is with a shot of raspberry flavoring in it. Delish!
5. I got some more good news this past week, my sister and her boyfriend got the house they were trying to buy! Yay them! Isn't it cute?!


  1. Love the doggy erasers-It was totally a sign! And its such an awesome feeling getting it on ;) You still got it girl!

  2. Thanks Misty....sometimes you need a little confirmation, even if it is from a garbage man! lol!


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