Wardrobe Wednesday 7/31

Top: TJ Maxx
Bottoms: Walmart

I absolutely love these little stars on the sleeve of my shirt!!!!

Flats: Target (Last year)

Freeman's Charcoal & Black Sugar Mask

I went to Rite Aid the other day, and found this mask. I picked it up and thought: charcoal, that is weird! So automatically, in the basket it went.

I decided to try it a couple nights ago. It is black and very gritty. It kind of looked like a clump of coal.

When I put it on, I decided to put it on the lower part of my face and make it look like a beard. Then I proceeded to walk in the bedroom and ask my husband how hot I looked with my beard.  He looked at me like I was an idiot. I thought I was funny lol! Here is what it looked like all over my face:
This mask is okay. I don't think it is the best mask I have ever tried in my life, but it wasn't the worst either. I did notice when I first put it on it felt hot on my face.  Overall, not bad. Have you ever tried this mask? If so, what did you think of it?

Who Do You Think You Are with Kelly Clarkson....In my hometown!

While reading my hometown paper online today, I saw where Kelly Clarkson was in my hometown a few months back filming for the show Who Do You Think You Are?  First of all, I LOVED this show when it was on NBC.  When NBC cancelled it, I was sad.  I love genealogy.  I can't wait until I'm done with school so I can research my roots too. 
I am so excited to see this Episode of Who Do You Think You Are, Tuesday, on TLC.
Here is a link to the story from my hometown newspaper The Marietta Times.
Photo from the Marietta Times

Scarf to Vest in less than 1 min!

While shopping this past weekend with my cousin Steph, we came across this cute vest.  We were shopping at Dots and we went around the store looking for this vest. Since we couldn't find it, we decided to ask the sales lady.  She told us it was actually a scarf! We couldn't believe it! She showed us how to do this awesome trick.  Now I'm sharing it with you. 
Check out my video:
What did you think of it?
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Scarf: on sale at Dots $3.00

Wardrobe Wednesday 7/17

Happy Wednesday!
I couldn't wait to wear my new shirt! I love it, especially the sides and back of it.  I like how it is light, open, and crisscrosses in the back.

Aztec Top: Dots

Back view

Skull Bracelet: Racers Boutique

Doggie Pedi

While shopping in the pet section at Walmart the other day, I found I Love Pet Head dog nail polish. As soon as I found it I had to get it for Lily.

This stuff is awesome! It dried super fast and Lily just laid there and let me paint her nails. I was impressed! Has anyone else tried this? Or am I the only crazy chihuahua lady?

$40 Drugstore Swap

I just participated in something so fun! It was a $40 drugstore swap. I did this with Lyndsay from the All My Love Blog. (Check out Lyndsay's blog! it is super cute!) The goal is to get as many beauty products to swap for under $40. I tried to get her things I liked, or things I thought she might like to try. I used coupons and bought things that were on sale.  The whole point of this swap is to try different things. There were so many things the Lyndsay got me that I would have never gotten myself and I am super excited to try....who knows, I might have gotten something that I absolutely love and would never have tried it if it wasn't for the swap! Check out the video on what she got me:

Has anyone tried any of these products??? What did you think? I love hearing your comments and always try to respond to each of them. Thank you Lyndsay for all my goodies!!! 

Wardrobe Wednesday 7/3

Happy Wednesday y'all!

Plain white shirt: Ollie's
Shorts: L.E.I. Walmart clearance for $9.00

Necklace & Earrings set: Gabriel Brothers $5.99

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