Last Day of Transplant Testing

Casey Jo & Dr. P
For Casey Jo's last day of appointments she had to have blood drawn, a PFT, blood gases drawn, a 6 minute walk and she spoke with Dr. Pilewski, the Lung Transplant Program doctor. She also spoke with Maureen, her social worker.
She lost a little more weight so the goal of gaining weight continues. She also needs to keep up her strength so she needs to exercise. 
She won't know about being listed until next week but we still think she's 'too healthy' to be listed but who knows!

Casey Jo with Maureen

Another Week of Transplant Testing!

Casey Jo had an appointment in Pittsburgh today! She also has another tomorrow, and then a few on Thursday. Unfortunately, something came up and our parents couldn't make it.  So, we invited our Grandmother to come with us.  It's nice for others to get the chance to see what all happens during the Transplant process.
Today we sat though a 3 hour orientation and signed a few papers. We listened to the Transplant Coordinator explain the process, listened to the surgeon talk about the process from a surgical standpoint, the Respiratory Therapist came in and asked about tissue donation from the discarded diseased lungs, and then Casey Jo's Social Worker came in and talked about the financial side of Transplant.  We have been through it before, but it was a nice refresher! Today wasn't too bad just a lot of information to process again!
Thank you, each and everyone for your wonderful comments and prayers for our family.  We truly appreciate them!

Team Casey Jo!

Well,  the big event my family has been planning for this past year has finally arrived! Her Benefit dinner is tonight! In case you don't know about Casey Jo, you can read here story here. 

Earlier this week she was interviewed by the local newspaper, The Marietta Times.  (You might have to read it though the Marietta Times app) Just the other day, My Aunt Kelly and I were interviewed on our local news station about Casey Jo & her upcoming benefit. You can watch that here.

Aunt Kel & me in the break room of WTAP news
We have had multiple benefits for her throughout the year. Her awesome friends put together a 31 Bingo for her back in May.  My friend Brownie & her sister Andi set up a concession stand at our local spring fair. Our other Aunt asked Bob Evans to do a fundraiser for the day. We have had multiple friends come together and do fundraisers with products they sell and even let us set up and sell shirts at various events. My friend Jess even put together a Go Fund Me page! (If you would like to donate, click here.)

We put my Aunt Kelly in charge of all the fundraisers so we had one person that knew exactly what was going on at all times.  She set up a Facebook page called Breathe 2014 Easy. Check it out! She has even sells shirts of all sizes! (If you are interested in a shirt you can order them from my Aunt Kelly on the Breathe 2014 Easy Facebook page.)

Aunt Kelly has put together a motorcycle poker run, an ATV ride, and will be doing a Horse ride later.  She put my cousin Ash in charge of the Spaghetti dinner tonight.  So far, I can tell tonight will be a huge success.  My cousin Ash has put so much hard work into it and it is coming together nicely!

We are so BLESSED we come from such an awesome community! Our community has come together and helped my sister out soooo much! From all the sweet messages, prayers and donations! I am proud to say I come from Marietta, OH! 

So if you are close to Marietta, OH, come out to Churchtown K of C Hall tonight at 5 and have fun with us! We have a country store, Auction and Live band in the evening!

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