Another Week of Transplant Testing!

Casey Jo had an appointment in Pittsburgh today! She also has another tomorrow, and then a few on Thursday. Unfortunately, something came up and our parents couldn't make it.  So, we invited our Grandmother to come with us.  It's nice for others to get the chance to see what all happens during the Transplant process.
Today we sat though a 3 hour orientation and signed a few papers. We listened to the Transplant Coordinator explain the process, listened to the surgeon talk about the process from a surgical standpoint, the Respiratory Therapist came in and asked about tissue donation from the discarded diseased lungs, and then Casey Jo's Social Worker came in and talked about the financial side of Transplant.  We have been through it before, but it was a nice refresher! Today wasn't too bad just a lot of information to process again!
Thank you, each and everyone for your wonderful comments and prayers for our family.  We truly appreciate them!

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