Spoon Rest

I went shopping the other day with my mom in my home town.  There is a really cute cooking store there that I absolutely love!   As I was browsing, I saw a spoon rest that you clip on the side of your pan.   It was ridiculously expensive!!!  I instantly thought you could just use a binder clip as a spoon rest! I just saved myself from some unneeded spending!  (I just love it when that little light bulb turns on! lol!) 

Happy Memorial Day!

In honor of Memorial day I want to share a little about a someone very dear to my heart. My Great-Grandfather Joe Christopher, who I am named after. He was stationed overseas in the Philippines during World War II.  He passed away in April 2005. He was truly an amazing man.  He is still missed everyday. Here are some photos taken from World War II:

This is a photo taken of my grandfather (middle) during  World War II.

Joe pictured right.

Joe pictured right on a tanker.

Grandpa is pictured on the left.  I can still remember him laughing at this picture.  Apparently the statues were nude....it's hard to picture your grandparent being young and goofing around.

And finally one of my favorite photos. Grandpa having some downtime reading Life magazine.


I'm Back!

I'm back! About a week ago I was trying to delete my email and it somehow deleted my Blog. I was devastated once I realized I lost everything I worked hard on. I debated on if I wanted to leave it deleted or make a new blog.  I decided to make a new one.  Here it is! :)

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