Wardrobe Wednesday- March 27

Wardrobe Wednesday

Studded Shirt: Charming Charlie's

Laurel Highlands, PA

Sundays I usually do My Fab 5 of the Week, but since I didn't do anything but study my butt of this week, I had nothing! I tried to get most of the things done this week so I could have time to spend with my friend S from back home.  She came up to visit me this weekend. 
Thank goodness she did!
 If anyone knows me, they know how terrified I am of mice.  I used to be a nursing assistant, and let me tell you, I can clean up dead bodies all day.... but don't EVER expect me to dispose of a dead mouse!!!!! My husband happened to be out of town this past week. (Just my luck!) He set mouse traps about six months ago.  We used the squeeze cheese in a can on the traps.  The cheese on it didn't mold. Since it was squeeze cheese, it had petrified. So I figured we probably wouldn't catch anymore mice. I kept forgetting to throw the trap away since it was the one in my basement.
Monday, I went to put a box in the basement and FREAKED OUT when I saw it!!! Long story short, thank goodness S came up! I turned off my heat because I was afraid of that stupid dead mouse would make my house stink. S properly disposed of it for me (while I dry heaved.) Not only did she take care of the mouse fiasco, but she pulled a MacGyver and broke into my house less than 5 minutes flat when I locked us out. (Still not sure if I should be impressed, or question how she got to be so good at that!)
The next day, we decided to go into the Mountains.  If you have never been to the Laurel Highlands, you should.  They are so beautiful!

S & Myself
Ohiopyle Park

S at Ohiopyle in the Laurel Highlands
 It was so beautiful, even if there was still snow up there!
Have you ever been to the Laurel Highlands?

My Favorite Shower cleaner

Best shower cleaner ever!

My Mom told me several years ago about this homemade cleaner.  Then, I was on Pinterest a few months back and found it and it reminded me to try it.  I have been using it for a couple months now and I will never buy shower cleaner again! It is simply half  dawn and half vinegar.  I use both the sponge scrubber and the spray bottle.  I use the sponge scrubber when I am in the shower. (I clean while I am taking a shower. Multitasker!)  I use the spray bottle for the shower curtain once I am finished with my shower.  (I hate it when the shower curtain starts smelling mildew-ish.) It cleans so wonderfully, and is so cheap to make, I'll never buy store bought cleaner again!

Wardrobe Wednesday- March 20

My Wardrobe Wednesday DIY scarf!
 I love making my own scarves.  Here is one I made recently:
Long sleeve shirt: Body Central
Scarf: DIY Link

I love throwing on something simple and accessorizing it with scarves or jewelry!

My Fab 5 of the Week- St. Patrick's Day!

#1 Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

#2 I love this new Essie polish I bought this week.  I did a little glitter ombre on it. 
 Essie: Mint Candy Apple

#3 I made a new Facebook page for my Blog! Check it out!

#4 This is my song of the week! I am in love with it.  Just can't get it out of my head!
#5. I finished this book this past week and then went to Redbox and rented the movie.  This was such a good book! The movie wasn't exactly like the book, but close enough. 

My Spring Must Haves!

My Spring must haves!!!

1. New Spring dress: Coral dress from Wet Seal
2. I am obsessed with envelope clutches! I found two while shopping last weekend.  Coral & blue       clutch: Burlington Coat Factory
3. I am all about new lip products! These are my 3 new favorite:
Nivea Raspberry Lip Butter...all I have to say is wow! I LOVE the way it feels on my lips!
L'Oreal colour caresse wet shine lip stain in 185 Lilac Ever After. I usually don't like lip glosses because I think they feel like wearing "glue stick," however, this feels amazing on my lips. 
Maybelline color whisper in 20 Mocha Muse. This feels light and airy on my lips. 
4. Vaseline Spray & GO.  My favorite is the Vaseline aloe lotion gel, but since I can't find it anymore, this is my second favorite.
5. Fresh nail polish: Essie in Play Date.  I have never had so many complements!
6. New Spring scent: Clinique Happy In Bloom. Such a nice springy fragrance!
What are your Spring Must Haves???

My Fab 5 of the Week- March 10

#1. This past week I went shopping and found this fabulous Spring dress!

#2. This weekend I went to a high school musical with my friend M.  Her roommate was one of the directors.  It was The Wizard of Oz and it was so cute!

#3. The new Cool Ranch Locos Tacos are AMAZING!!!! 

#4 It was such a beautiful day today.  Lily & I decided to go for a walk :)

#5 I love this Yes To Carrots color balm in Peachy Keen!!!

Wardrobe Wednesday- March 6

Brown Long Sleeve Shirt: Dots
Brown Sweater: Ross
Skinny Jeans: TJ Maxx Seven Brand

Jewelry: Sam Moon

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