Transplant Testing Week Day One

We are back in Pittsburgh for some more transplant testing! Since I no longer live close to UPMC, we had to actually stay in Pittsburgh.  We are staying at Family House, Shadyside. It's like a homey hotel for patients and their families. Casey's social worker mentioned Family Housing and also Casey's friend D. & R. Weaver had great reviews and helped us with questions and concerns! (To learn more about Family House, Click Here!)

Living area!



This trip, our Aunt Kelly joined us girls and Mom! 
We first saw the transplant surgeon. We talked a little on how long the surgery will take which could be anywhere from 6-12 hours. Then, transplant pharmacy introduced us to at least 6 of the drugs that will be used after transplant and their side effects. Lastly, Casey's coordinator, Lisa, spoke with us and seemed to have positive thoughts on being listed. She said she'll put in a good word at their weekly meetings! 

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