Casey Jo Clinic Appt. Update

You know what I love so much about my sister? No matter what she is going through, she NEVER complains!!! She ALWAYS finds a way to make the best of a situation, or find the humor in it.  This is the Snap she sent me the other night.  Can we say #CFprobs !?!? 
I took Casey Jo to Cleveland yesterday for her clinic appointment.  She still isn't feeling 100%, but she does feel better.  She gained two pounds (small victory, but hey, we'll take it!!!) and her PFTs have stayed the same.  (25%, Not complaining, it could be worse!) Dr. D decided to switch up Casey's antibiotics and see how that goes.  If she starts to feel better after a week she may get to have her IV meds discontinued!!! 
Thanks so much for all the prayers and wonderful comments. Casey Jo reads each and every one of them and loves them!!!!  

Casey Jo Hospital Update #3

Casey Jo has been feeling better!!! Yesterday she had a DEXA scan done. (Measures your bone health) The DEXA scan, along with some other lab work, are requirements she needed to check off for the Transplant list. Today she had another PFT and it came up to 25%! I know that's just 1%, but hey, we'll take it!!! More good news: We are coming home tomorrow!!! Casey Jo is getting discharged!!! Praise The Lord!!! 

Casey Jo Hospital Update #2

Yay! Casey Jo finally got her PICC today! They had a slight hiccup though. Apparently the last time they tried to put it in on the floor, they had a hard time.  It would go up to her armpit and not go any further.  They decided that she needed IR- Interventional Radiology.  It is easier on Casey Jo because they can give her better drugs for the procedure and they can see what they are doing so much better than doing it in her room. Everything went A-Okay and she is still resting from the procedure. Thanks for all the sweet comments.
My Aunt Kelly has asked if you have a Team Casey Jo shirt to please wear it and post it to her 'Breathe 2014 Easy' facebook page.  Casey Jo loves seeing all the support.  It really makes her day!
Don't have a Team Casey Jo shirt? No problem! You can order them from my Aunt Kelly! (Click Here and read the pinned post to order. If you are out of state please message Darrin Gray Kelly Legleitner (My Aunt) for total for shipping)
Thank you so much for your support!!! :)

Back In The Hospital

Casey Jo has been doing so much lately, she has just worn herself down! As much as I hate to see her being admitted, I'm glad it's because she has been doing so much.  There for a while she was so tired and had no energy to do anything.  Lately, she was doing so much, I'm not surprised she's worn herself down. She first went to clinic today and they said her PFTs are at 24%.  It's not good, but I expected worse. The doctor came in later and told her she may (FINGERS CROSSED!!!) get to go back home at the end of the week!
Casey Jo getting an IV put in
He told Casey Jo that he didn't think she would need Colistin this time....Thank goodness! He will be putting her on 3 antibiotics: Tobi, Zosyn, and Ceftaroline. Apparently, back in June, MRSA started growing in her lungs again. They were unable to get the PICC team to put in her PICC line so she had to get a regular IV for tonight. Hopefully she will get her PICC tomorrow.  Thank you so much for all the Well-Wishes and prayers.  She appreciates each and every one of them!

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