Casey Jo Clinic Appt. Update

You know what I love so much about my sister? No matter what she is going through, she NEVER complains!!! She ALWAYS finds a way to make the best of a situation, or find the humor in it.  This is the Snap she sent me the other night.  Can we say #CFprobs !?!? 
I took Casey Jo to Cleveland yesterday for her clinic appointment.  She still isn't feeling 100%, but she does feel better.  She gained two pounds (small victory, but hey, we'll take it!!!) and her PFTs have stayed the same.  (25%, Not complaining, it could be worse!) Dr. D decided to switch up Casey's antibiotics and see how that goes.  If she starts to feel better after a week she may get to have her IV meds discontinued!!! 
Thanks so much for all the prayers and wonderful comments. Casey Jo reads each and every one of them and loves them!!!!  


  1. You Two Are What True Sisters Are Supposed To Be, You Both Are Very Lucky TO Have Each Other...... And Great News, Keep Up The Good Work


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