Casey Jo Hospital Update #2

Yay! Casey Jo finally got her PICC today! They had a slight hiccup though. Apparently the last time they tried to put it in on the floor, they had a hard time.  It would go up to her armpit and not go any further.  They decided that she needed IR- Interventional Radiology.  It is easier on Casey Jo because they can give her better drugs for the procedure and they can see what they are doing so much better than doing it in her room. Everything went A-Okay and she is still resting from the procedure. Thanks for all the sweet comments.
My Aunt Kelly has asked if you have a Team Casey Jo shirt to please wear it and post it to her 'Breathe 2014 Easy' facebook page.  Casey Jo loves seeing all the support.  It really makes her day!
Don't have a Team Casey Jo shirt? No problem! You can order them from my Aunt Kelly! (Click Here and read the pinned post to order. If you are out of state please message Darrin Gray Kelly Legleitner (My Aunt) for total for shipping)
Thank you so much for your support!!! :)

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