Casey Jo Update Day 1

Well the time that Casey Jo has been dreading has finally came. She had to break down and get on oxygen. On Oct 23th she had an overnight sleep test to watch her O2 levels. The normal levels should be around 95-99 and the test takes at least four hours but its much longer since you do it while you're sleeping. So if your O2 levels are at 88 or below for five minutes (doesn't have to be consecutive minutes) then you are suppose to be on Oxygen. Casey was hooked up for a little over ten hours and She never even went up to 88! Her lowest number was 60 and her average was 77. 
So the next day the results were faxed to Cleveland and then Casey got her oxygen machine which she proudly calls Roxi, Roxi Oxi!! :) 
She has just been extremely tired and worn out for about the past month. She's lost more weight and gets very short of breath doing just about anything. For example, just walking to a vehicle or drying off in the shower or even just holding a conversation can wear her out.
So she had an appointment with her doctor on Tuesday the 5th and they decided to have her stay. They got her admitting paperwork and all that done. Also, they got the PICC Line placed after 2 hours. They had a little trouble getting it in, it just wanted to stop at her armpit but finally they got it through and will be starting the IV meds soon!!!
She sounded in good spirits when I talked to her earlier today. I'll try to update as much as possible. :)


  1. I love you Cassie! Your in my prayers and always in my heart sweetheart !

  2. Always praying for you guys! Casey is such a strong girl! We love you guys!!

  3. oh casey jo! my heart breaks for you! I love you and am praying for you pretty girl!

  4. Casey keep your head up babe. You're sooooo strong! Such an inspiration to manyyy. You've got tons of people praying for you!! Please keep us updated. Thank you Jessie!

  5. your in my prayers . send my love


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