Casey Jo Update: Day 2

Today, Casey didn't have any procedures to do, so she just rested. They got her IV's started and she's seems to be feeling better already. One of the IV antibiotics (Vancomycin) she is on gives her a allergic reaction called 'Red Mans' which makes her face, chest and head red. It's also itchy and makes her face swell a little bit. So she has to take Benadryl before each dose of Vanc which makes her very sleepy all day long.
When they put her PICC Line in yesterday and  also went ahead and took some blood. The results showed that she's anemic. Her hemoglobin was 8 and it should normally be 12-16. So that might be a reason why she has been so tired and isn't breathing well. They are deciding on whether to just give iron pills or put iron through an IV. 
She got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from one of her amazing friends, Mallory! 


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