Casey Jo Update: Day 6

Not much has changed the last few days. Casey had her sugar tested after her tube feed on Friday and it was pretty high, 439! So they gave her some insulin and then later on her sugar went low to 54. So they are trying to get that under control. They have also slowly lowered her oxygen level from 4 liters to 1 liter. She has also gain 2lbs!! 
She had a couple of visitors today!! Our cousin Amy and Brian Harmon came and gave her a little gift while she's there in the hospital! That made her day, she hasn't seen them for a few months! 
She is definitely ready to go home!!!!!  


  1. hope you feel better soon

  2. Thanks For Sharing, Hope She Gets To Come Home Soon... Love You Both

  3. I hope your feeling better love you both brad

  4. I bet she can't wait to come home. I hope she gets to go home soon and that she is feeling better.

    1. Thanks! Hopefully she will be coming home soon! :)


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