Casey Jo Update: Day 3

Another easy day for Casey today! Not much has changed, they are still debating on giving the iron through pills or the IV. She ate a whole sandwich, which is very good for her since she usually doesn't eat anything!! They are ordering a shorter Mickey-Button (feeding tube) for her because the one she has now goes in and out of her stomach too much. 

It shouldn't come that far out!

The shorter one will hopefully make her not feel so full all the time and maybe get her appetite back! 


  1. Hi Jo, your sister is one tough cookie. My heart goes out to you and your family. Will think of you guys in my prayers. There is not a lot of people that are strong enough to go through what she is going through. Glad that your posting and that I caught up to see whats going on. I like to follow along to see how she is doing. Hope all is going well and I love the flowers she got, really pretty.

  2. hi casey you one tough cookie love you cuz


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