My Winter Skin Routine

Oh winter, why must you be so harsh to my skin?
I can't stand for my skin to feel dry and itchy, so I try to keep it as moisturized as possible. This year I have managed to keep myself into a routine.
Here are the products that I use regularly:

-Dr. Teal's Lavender Epsom Salts
-Calgon Mineral Scrub and Soak
-Calgon Milk Bath with Serum Beads
-Neutrogena Body Oil
-Johnson's Baby Oil Gel
-Olay body Lotion
On cold nights I love to either use the lavender Epsom salts, or the Milk bath.  When I am achy, I tend to use the Epsom salts.  Otherwise, I use the milk bath. I use the mineral scrub once a week with a bath glove to exfoliate the dead skin. After the bath, before I towel off,  I use either the Body oil, or the baby oil gel.  I love how soft they make my skin feel.  I use the body lotion through out the day.
Have you used any of these?
What do you think?

Casey Jo Update: Feeding Tube Change

Casey Jo had her follow up appointment in Cleveland on Dec. 10th. Her lung function was up a little to 27%! (Last time it was 24%) They went ahead and pulled her PICC line out!! After being on IV's for almost 5 weeks her lung function should've been a little better but they decided to give her a break from the IV's for now. She lost 7lbs since her last appointment!!! Not good at all!!! And they finally got her Mickey-Button (feeding tube) changed!! I'll post a couple videos of them changing out her tube as they had a little bit of trouble hehe. They had 3 people try to pull it out and finally the last person got it! It shouldn't have been a big deal but they figured out that the balloon in her stomach did not deflate as it was suppose to. 

Here is the new Mickey-Button. The bottom of the stem they fill with water so it's like a balloon in side her.

Here are the videos! 

Thank you all for the continued thoughts and prayers!!! Casey Jo loves when I read her the comments! :)

P.S. Now that she is done with her IV antibiotics, she has contacted UPMC to get an appointment with transplant testing again. They will notify her of an appointment soon. :)

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