Back In The Hospital

Casey Jo has been doing so much lately, she has just worn herself down! As much as I hate to see her being admitted, I'm glad it's because she has been doing so much.  There for a while she was so tired and had no energy to do anything.  Lately, she was doing so much, I'm not surprised she's worn herself down. She first went to clinic today and they said her PFTs are at 24%.  It's not good, but I expected worse. The doctor came in later and told her she may (FINGERS CROSSED!!!) get to go back home at the end of the week!
Casey Jo getting an IV put in
He told Casey Jo that he didn't think she would need Colistin this time....Thank goodness! He will be putting her on 3 antibiotics: Tobi, Zosyn, and Ceftaroline. Apparently, back in June, MRSA started growing in her lungs again. They were unable to get the PICC team to put in her PICC line so she had to get a regular IV for tonight. Hopefully she will get her PICC tomorrow.  Thank you so much for all the Well-Wishes and prayers.  She appreciates each and every one of them!


  1. I have my fingers crossed she gets back out by the end of week. It is crappy she is back in the hospital but like you said it great that she was getting to do a lot. She is in my thoughts hun! xo

  2. Get Some Rest Cj, Love And Prayers..... Always Remember The Fighter That's In You Even On The Days You Feel Like You Don't Have It In You.... Love You

  3. Praying for you Casey jo!!!! Rest rest rest!! & let them get you back on track girl :) always thinking & praying for you <3


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