Laurel Highlands, PA

Sundays I usually do My Fab 5 of the Week, but since I didn't do anything but study my butt of this week, I had nothing! I tried to get most of the things done this week so I could have time to spend with my friend S from back home.  She came up to visit me this weekend. 
Thank goodness she did!
 If anyone knows me, they know how terrified I am of mice.  I used to be a nursing assistant, and let me tell you, I can clean up dead bodies all day.... but don't EVER expect me to dispose of a dead mouse!!!!! My husband happened to be out of town this past week. (Just my luck!) He set mouse traps about six months ago.  We used the squeeze cheese in a can on the traps.  The cheese on it didn't mold. Since it was squeeze cheese, it had petrified. So I figured we probably wouldn't catch anymore mice. I kept forgetting to throw the trap away since it was the one in my basement.
Monday, I went to put a box in the basement and FREAKED OUT when I saw it!!! Long story short, thank goodness S came up! I turned off my heat because I was afraid of that stupid dead mouse would make my house stink. S properly disposed of it for me (while I dry heaved.) Not only did she take care of the mouse fiasco, but she pulled a MacGyver and broke into my house less than 5 minutes flat when I locked us out. (Still not sure if I should be impressed, or question how she got to be so good at that!)
The next day, we decided to go into the Mountains.  If you have never been to the Laurel Highlands, you should.  They are so beautiful!

S & Myself
Ohiopyle Park

S at Ohiopyle in the Laurel Highlands
 It was so beautiful, even if there was still snow up there!
Have you ever been to the Laurel Highlands?


  1. hi dear! I just found your blog and I love it!! would you like to follow each other via bloglovin and gfc? I always return the follow..let me know

  2. I am following you now via you want to follow via gfc also?

  3. Oh, what a nice get away after the mouse incident - I can relate - I do not like mice either and have had some funny experiences with them really (although not at the time) - like the one morning I went to the bathroom and one was doing the backstroke in some water left in the bath tub - I screamed - my husband came running and hit it with a plunger and that was the end of that little critter! I could write a book - a farmer's wife has many incidents with mice! God Bless and Happy Easter!

    1. Oh my goodness!!! I would be freaking out!! I once found a mouse in the washer and the agitator ripped apart it's little limbs. My husbad had to dispose of it for me and I bleached out the washer and washed my laundry like 3 times and still felt dirty. I hope you have a Happy Easter as well Carole!!! God Bless :)


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