$40 Drugstore Swap

I just participated in something so fun! It was a $40 drugstore swap. I did this with Lyndsay from the All My Love Blog. (Check out Lyndsay's blog! it is super cute!) The goal is to get as many beauty products to swap for under $40. I tried to get her things I liked, or things I thought she might like to try. I used coupons and bought things that were on sale.  The whole point of this swap is to try different things. There were so many things the Lyndsay got me that I would have never gotten myself and I am super excited to try....who knows, I might have gotten something that I absolutely love and would never have tried it if it wasn't for the swap! Check out the video on what she got me:

Has anyone tried any of these products??? What did you think? I love hearing your comments and always try to respond to each of them. Thank you Lyndsay for all my goodies!!! 


  1. Wow that was like Christmas in July!!! That was so nice of you guys to do a swap. I do think sometimes someone will get you a product that you would not normally buy yourself or try. I am not able to use many of the products due to gluten, however I can say I use cover girl mascara and I love it!!!! So I hope it works out for you too.

    1. Thanks! So far I like it. If you would like to do a $40 swap let me know! I'll do it with you! I had so much fun shopping for it, and receiving it! :)


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