How To Make A Super Easy Infinity Scarf!

I wrote a blog post about how to make an infinity loop scarf on my last blog but I accidentally erased it.  It was probably for the best because I found a way to make it even better :)

First pick out your material.  I found this cute, thin, flowy material from Walmart super cheap! I used about 2 1/2 yards.


Lay the material out flat and cut vertically straight down.

Next I made a zig-zag stitch straight down each vertical side of the scarf. (I do this for 2 reasons. So the edges don't fray as easy and It will also help later on as a guide when you sew the sides together)

This is what each side should look like once you have finished.

Next, lay the scarf out flat.  Right side up.  (Right side up means the design side.  Wrong side means the back, faded side of the fabric) Then fold it long ways with right side together. Line up the material with both of the stitching sides and start pinning all the way down.

Start sewing the long sides together! (DON'T sew the two short ends together!)

Next, pull it through inside out!

Take both of the ends and place them together.  Next, fold the end, and fold once more again and pin across.

Once you sew that final side you are finished! The finished sewn end is the end you put around your neck and start wrapping :)

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