Casey Jo Hospital Update # 10.... Home!

Today was the day! She finally got to come home after being in the hospital for almost 3 weeks. Hemi was ecstatic to see her!

We finally found out that the pain she was having, for sure, was her gall bladder. She needs to have it out, but since she has an upcoming appointment to go to UPMC for transplant testing, the decided to discharge her. She will have to go back to Cleveland next week for surgery to remove her gall bladder. 

Did you notice anything about this picture? That's right, no oxygen!  The doctor says he thinks the high powered antibiotic worked. She can go without oxygen for short amount of times as long as she staying still and not moving around. But she will still need it at night and when she walks. She is so glad to be home surrounded by the dogs. 

Thank you, each and everyone for all of your positive thoughts, comments and prayers. We appreciate each and every one if them!


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