Casey Jo Hospital Update # 2

Casey Jo's surgery went well yesterday!! It took almost a half hour. When we got back to her room our mom and grandparents were there waiting for us! Casey walked to her bed and was sitting up like nothing had even happened! She got to eat a half of a grilled cheese sandwich!
Today, Casey is a little bit sore but she says it's not too bad. The discomfort is mainly when she coughs.

Yay! She is finally eating!!!!

Her incisions...

Today Her friend Tom came for a visit.

He bought me lunch and brought Casey these beautiful flowers.
All in all, she had a pretty good day.  She is feeling a little uncomfortable from all the air they put in her tummy during surgery and the incision sites, but over all feeling pretty good! She's a strong one!


  1. Tell her to go ahead & blow that air out, she will feel better tomorrow :)

  2. I am glad that her surgery went well.


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