Casey Jo Update...Back in the Hosptial!

Well, Casey Jo has been feeling very short of breath again lately, even while sitting doing nothing! She was on an inhaled antibiotic but that didn't seem to help, so she was switched to an oral antibiotic and has gotten even worse. So when she told her nurse, Sue, she said to come in for a hospital stay and get on IVs. She'll be in the hospital for 3 weeks as she is on 3 different IVs and the one IV she's on she has to stay in the hospital the whole dose (like back in January.)  Her appetite is still not good... at all. She lost a few more pounds since her last clinic visit last month. 
Today when she was admitted they drew a blood gas to check if there is too much CO2 in Casey's lungs. The results said there is an increase but nothing outrageous. 
Then she got a PICC line placed this evening and here are a few pictures!
Getting set up for the PICC line!

Looking on the ultrasound machine for a vein.

Streaming the wire to make sure the PICC will go through. It kept getting stuck in the bend of her armpit but after a BUNCH of arm positions it finally pushed through!


  1. I am sorry to hear that she is still not doing well. I will keep her in my thoughts. Brian Ward

  2. Hang in there Casey lots of thoughts and prayers to you. You got this kick CFs BUTT. ★☆★☆ Michelle Lowe

  3. Hang in there Casey we love


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