Casey Jo Hospital Update # 4

On Sunday, Casey Jo had a few visitors! Dad, our Aunt Kelly and I went up so that I can stay with her and give our mom a break. Can't forget Hemi! He got to visit too! Her friend Brad came up, and her former co-worker, Michael and his girlfriend, Sarah, also came and brought pizza and flowers! 
Today, her friend Megan came and got to spend the afternoon reminiscing on the 'old times' 
They also started her IV medicine back up today! She has started eating a little so we are happy with that progress!
Aunt Kel, Me, Casey Jo, Hemi & Mom

Dad, CJ, Mom & Hemi

The four of us
Dad & Casey Jo

Megan with Casey Jo
Lovely Flowers Michael & Sarah brought her.
Casey eating some food....thank goodness!!!!!

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