Foundation Brush

My Mom & I went shopping the other day.  While we were out, I decided to get some Clinique make up that I was out of.  While I was sitting there letting the Clinique make up artist match my color, I noticed that she was using a sponge.  (One of those triangular white sponges to put foundation on.  I used them all the time.) So I asked her if the sponge was the best thing to use to put on foundation. She surprised me by saying no.  She then took out a mirror and showed me what I am about to show you.

She made 3 dots of foundation on a mirror.  She took her finger on one and swirled the foundation around in a circle.  Then she took a make up sponge and made a swipe.  Finally she took a foundation brush and made a downward stroke.  She said the sponge absorbs most of your foundation and you are not getting as much on your face.  Your fingertip is a little better, but what makes your makeup cover really well is the brush.  She was trying to talk me into buying a brush but I just didn't have the extra cash at the time.  I did buy one at Target just to try out to see if I would like it.

I got this Sonia Kashuk brush from Target for $14.29.  It is synthetic.  With brushes like these you must clean them daily.  It is suppose to make you have a flawless looking foundation application. It does have a 5 star review, but my friend Nicole who used to be a Clinique make up artist, told me that the Clinique foundation brush really is the best out there to use.  So far I really like using the brush. I must say,  I am pleased with the way my face looks afterwards.

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