Jamberry vs. Sally Hanson & Sephora

Sally Hanson Salon Effects
I got some Sally Hanson nail strips a year ago when I lived in Texas.  I wanted to put them on but I put them in a drawer and forgot all about them until recently. They were cute but when I went to Walmart a week ago I found these ones so I decided to try them out.

Sally Hanson Salon Effects
Walmart- $8.50

These strips are super easy to apply.  It probably took me 6 minuets to apply them to my nails. I was a little disappointed that with in a few days it started chipping.

Sephora Trend Tips by OPI
When I went to Georgia earlier this month I went shopping with my friend Nicole & her family at the mall.  We decided to stop into Sephora.  While I was browsing, I came across these Sephora OPI nail strips. I decided I'd go ahead & give them a try. 

 Trend Tips by OPI - Betsy Johnson
Sephora $12.00

When I opened the package the strips were identical to the Sally Hanson strips and they went on the same way too.  Just like the Sally Hanson strips, in a few days the polish strips started to chip.

A few months ago I ordered some Jamberry nails.  I used them twice.  Once on my nails and next on my toes.  I was impressed both times!

Jamberry Nails Pink & Purple Eggs $15.00

Jamberry Nails Tangerine Modern Flower $15.00

Jamberry was different than the Sally & Sephora strips.  Sally & Sephora you just matched up your nail to the correct sized strip and you peel it off & stick it to your nail. Jamberry, on the other hand, is a little more time consuming.  With Jamberry you match your nail to the size shield, peel off the shield (with tweezers) and hold it up to a hair dryer for a few seconds then smooth it over your nail.  Then you file off the excess.  It takes a little while to do this, especially your first time doing it.  But, I must say they stay on for a very long time! I had the Egg one on for 3 weeks and the only reason why I took it off was because Easter was over.  The one on my toes lasted at least 4 weeks.  I only took it off because I got bored with it.  I liked all 3, but I think next time I will use Jamberry.  I feel like you get more of your money out of them!


  1. Hey Jessie! Your review of the nail products was quite professional! Your photos reminded me of a time probably more than ten years ago; you said you really liked your feet so much that you wanted to be a foot model! You're on your way with photos like those... :-) Love ya, Stephie

  2. Oh my goodness steph! That is so funny! I remember that! I was so crazy when I was a kid! lol! Love you too Stephie! ;)


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