Casey Jo Hospital Update # 7

Casey got a surprise visit today from dad and me!! And her baby Hemi! We went ahead and braved the snow. We also took some goodies up to her from our family and friends. Casey said that her friend Brad stopped again yesterday and they played a game of Monopoly that Tom got her. They didn't play the entire game but left off with brad winning. 
Our Aunt Rhena and Uncle Steve sent her these goodies! Made Casey Jo a shirt and light jacket with a little stuffed Italian Greyhound, candies and a card game!!

Our grandpa Dale sent up a head rest, candy and a card game!

Our cousin Zach, his wife Laticia and their daughter Kynlee sent cozy socks, an Etch A Sketch, coloring book & crayons, Chapstick, cards, gum and search a word!!

Her best friends from her former work place, Deena and Patty, sent coloring books, an activity book, crayons and a bracket making kit!!! 

Casey Jo is such a kid at heart!!!! 
Here are a few pictures of Hemi, myself and our dad while we were there today!


  1. How do you twist your bangs back like that? I can never get mine to do what I want them to. I think a vlog tutorial is needed. :)

    1. It's actually braided...will work on that ;)

  2. I love the pictures. I have not seen an Etch A Sketch in a long time but they are a lot of fun!!! That is so nice that everyone brought something to help her stay busy and pass the time. That was so sweet for your dad and you to pay her a surprise visit. I hope she is doing great and feeling better.


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