DIY Valentines Day Wreath

Valentines Day is coming up, so I went up to my attic to find some decorations. That's when I realized I have none!!! I have either lost them in our many moves, or given them away. I realized, the only ones I really have are Christmas and the Fall Wreath I made back in Fall of 2012! So anyways, I went to some stores and bought all the materials I needed.

  • Wreath: AC Moore
  • Valentines sign: AC Moore
  • Bow & Ribbon: AC Moore
  • Heart Picks: Dollar Tree
It was super easy, this is what I did:
I simply attached the bow where I thought it would look good. Then, I placed the ribbon around the wreath.

Next, I place the picks in where I thought would look nice. (The picks are long, I broke them in half before placing them in.)

Last, I attached the Valentines Day sign and hung it! It only took about 5 min! If I notice anything coming loose, I will probably hot glue it into place. 
Now that I am out of school, and I have the time to do cute and creative things, I am a craft-aholic! Stay tuned next month for my St. Patrick's Day wreath...


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