Casey Jo Hospital Update # 6

Casey had a barium study this morning which took a few hours. She had to drink two bottles of the barium and then tech took some X-rays. Haven't heard the results yet. After that was over, they hooked her up to an IV of iron. Blood tests showed her iron levels were low so they decided IV iron would be the best way to go. That took 3 hours! 
Her friend brad came up to visit her today! They had a nice afternoon. 

She also got another package today!!!! A box of chocolate covered Oreos from her friends Alex and Amanda!!! A few are missing ;)


  1. I hope you will have some good news from the tests. Love the picture. That was so nice of her friend to visit her and thoughtful for them to send her the cookies. Hoping that she feels better soon :)

  2. Sounds like a very tiring day but hopefully one that will give some good results. Hopefully the combination of oreos & iron will be just what Casey's body needed :)


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