Casey Jo Hospital Update # 8

Casey had a PFT this afternoon and it was up from 24% to 27%!!! Her doctors are happy about that. They want to get a good dose of the IV Colistin in her which would be two and a half to three weeks so on Monday the 3rd she will get to come home!!! Then on the 6th she will have her UPMC appointment! 
Casey received a thoughtful card from our cousin Shannon , her husband Chuck and baby Wyatt! That brightend her day :)
She also got a package from her friends, Aaden, his mom Amanda and Marc! 
Aaden sent her a stuffed Dalmatian named Hannah. He also got a smaller one so they could match and named his Hydrant! This put a smile on her face. So thoughtful for a 4 year old. :)

How adorable is that!?!?!

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