Casey Jo Hospital Update #2

Casey had a few visitors today! Her dad, her grandma, her dog, and myself! She said she had a wonderful day and even her nurse noticed she was in a better mood and smiling! She received balloons and a bunny from our cousin Becky and Whitney and flowers and a bear from her friend Shannon in Florida today!
Everything is still the same with her meds and they are going well so far. They talked about doing a stomach emptying test next week to see if her stomach is digesting food correctly/timely. Maybe we'll get some answers of why she's never hungry!

Here are the flowers and bear!

The balloon arrangement 

Hemi looking Dapper in his little bow tie. 

And here are a few of Mr. Handsome-Hemi :)
Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!!!!!!!! 


  1. Beautiful flowers and cute bear. I love the fact that she had her dog visit. How sweet.

    1. I don't know who missed each other more! lol!


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