My Favorites & Best of 2013 Cosmetics

A friend from back home inspired me to do a "Favorites/Best of 2013" products I have used.
Check it out!


  1. Love this! Your hair is so gorgeous and I love your scarf :) Awesome post!
    Much Love... Jayma |

    1. Thank you so much Jayma! The scarf is from vanity. I will check out your blog a little later.

  2. I have oily skin too and I recommend the rimmel london stay matte powder. It works great! Love your hair in this video!

  3. Hi Jo, love the video. I currently just use physicans formula as it's gluten free, however am in need of some eye liner and mascara. I was using the cover girl one in a white tube (it's suppose to match your eye colour) anyways I couldn't find any last time I was out so I will check for the ones your using. I find it hard to find a good mascara as well. Also I am using the nude palet eyeshadow from physicans formula and I think it's also a close match to the naked palet. Lastly I am not sure if you have tried EOS lipbalm but it's currently my fav, again it's gluten free but also free of other stuff as well.

    P.S love your hair. I think mine is about the same length as yours and I like the waves in yours. Are you using a curling iron or straightener?


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