From GED to PhD- Motivational Autobiography

I just wanted to share this book I just read.

(I bought this book on my kindle for $6.99)
Dr. Bon Blossman is on one of my favorite shows, Big Rich Texas on the Style Network
When I first started watching Big Rich Texas I thought Bon & her daughter Whitney were just dumb blonds.  They portrayed her and her daughter as  typical blond bimbos. But in all reality she is anything but that! This is a great inspiring book if you are contemplating going back to school, or thinking about achieving a dream that seems out of reach. She writes about growing up in a wealthy home, her behavior/karma, having a child at a young age, her education, meeting her husband, her career and her struggles & accomplishments. She really does seem like the girl next door.  I was feeling very uninspired about going back to school and after reading this book I feel really motivated! Hope ya'll enjoy it as much as I did :)

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