My Fab 5 of The Week

1. My husband came home from being away at work this past week and we enjoyed some quality time & the new season of True Blood! (It's one of the few shows we watch together)

2. What girl studied her butt off and got a 95% in Anatomy & Physiology???? This girl!!!!!

3. The new season of Pretty Little Liars!!!! I know it's probably a little juvenile of me to watch this show, but I don't care! I just love it!!!

4. I miss Texas soooo much. :(  I went on Etsy not that long ago and found this super cute Texas necklace!!! I bought it from this adorable little Etsy Shop! (Click on the link & check it out!!!) I have been anxiously awaiting its arrival and was super excited to find it in the mail :)

5. My fabulous husband bought this for me today!!!! The Sex And The City the movie Wedding Collection!!!! I can't wait to crack open a bottle of wine & have a girls night!!!!

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