Smooth Summer Feet


I love summer, I love getting cute pedi's and I love my sandals! (I can't stand to wear shoes.) The only problem is the bottom of my feet.  I can't stand it when my feet are rough and callus like.  (Makes me cringe!) To keep my feet smooth and soft this is what I do:

I have this little inflatable foot spa I use to soak my feet in. (This is temporary until my sister gets me a really nice foot soak spa for Christmas hint, hint, hint!!!) I will fill it up with warm water and pour in some Epsom salts.  Dr. Teal's Lavender Epsom Salts are my favorite.  They smell fabulous!

I usually soak my feet for about a half hour. This is my relaxing time! I love reading books while I soak my feet.

After I am finished with soaking my feet I take Heel to Toe Foot Scrub and put it on a Mr.Pumice bar.

Next thing I do is scrub, scrub, scrub! I scrub the bottom of my heel and the sides of my foot. I scrub quite a bit. I then rinse, dry and apply some lotion. feet feel amazing now! I love it!

*Dr.Teals Epsom Salts- Walmart Less than $5.00
*Heel to Toe Foot Scrub- Sally's Less around $5.00
*Mr. Pumice Bar- Sally's $1.99


  1. Jess- where did you find the inflatable foot spa thingy??

  2. Misty, I got it from Sally's. I have no idea how much they are because it was free with a couple of foot product purchaces a couple of years ago. I had this blog scheduled. I wrote it a few days ago. That pic with Ryder in it is the last pic I took of him :(


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