Team Casey Jo At Bob Evans!

Miss Casey Jo has been having a good past couple of days.  She has been eating, and going out a little.  Today she went out to eat at our local Bob Evans with her friend Mallory, and her adorable babies A & P!
Casey Jo with Mr. A

Mallory with her adorable little P!
We honestly have the best little community.  My Aunt Rhena asked Bob Evans if they would do a fundraiser for Casey Jo and they agreed.  Not only in Marietta, but the Parkersburg, WV Bob Evans also had one for her that same day.  We had so many people on her Facebook (Find Casey Jo's Facebook page: Breathe 2014 Easy) page comment on how they were going.  It was awesome! Casey Jo even made the evening news! (To check out the link, Click Here!)
We are so amazed by all the local support! I love seeing people around my hometown wearing Team Casey Jo shirts.  Especially people I don't even know! Makes my heart swell with pride to call Marietta/Parkersburg home.

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