Casey Jo Hospital Update #5

What a wonderful day! Casey Jo had visitors today!!!
Diana, Me, Casey Jo & Aunt Rhena
Casey Jo with our Aunt Rhena

Casey Jo with our friend Steph's Aunt, which we claim as our Aunt Lisa too!
We had such a great visit with the Aunts & Diana! We sure are spoiled though! Here are some of the goodies we received:
Aunt Lisa gave Casey Jo some pretty flowers and this beautiful blinged out cross and a pink & teal one for Mom & sweet!!!!
Diana brought Casey Jo an activity to keep her busy when she is awake. She put together this adorable Doggie scrapbook Casey can work on. Is this not adorable!?!?! She even brought pictures and double sided tape so Casey can start on it right away.  I can't wait to see it finished!
Aunt Rhena brought Casey Jo a little Hospital survival kit! Some solar powered dancing animals, coozie, hair clips, slippers and jelly beans. (Reminds us of our Mamaw...she always made sure us girls had jelly beans at Easter time!)
Aunt Rhena even brought me something too! I got a sudoko puzzle book, an Easter solar powered bunny, paper & pens and a nail kit, which I desperately needed!!!!

Casey Jo has been getting a TON of mail!!!! You should see the look on her face when the nurses bring her in mail.  She loves opening them and reading them.  She has even received cards from people we don't even know who are praying for her.  She feels so blessed!!!
Today was a great day.  After our visitors left, she took a nap and ate! Her appetite has been coming back! Yay! (Only if we can get her to continue to do this once she gets home!) Dr. D came in and talked to her a little more about transplant list placement and gave us more info. Overall, a wonderful day. 



  1. <3 Love you girls <3 What a great little visit today, was so happy to spend some time with you girls <3 hoping for great news soon <3

  2. So glad to hear it was a good day! Looks like y'all are having some fun :) Love those cross bracelets, too! I had one, but it broke-- definitely on my shopping list! Have a fabulous rest of your week!

    Diary of a Debutante


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