My Fab 5 Of The Week

 What a wonderful week! School started back up for me this past Wednesday. I'll be honest, it is nice being back in a routine! I missed the girls in my program too! :) 
My "G-Pa"
1. Earlier this past week I had family dinner with my Papaw, Aunt & Uncle, Parents & Sis.  It was so nice getting to see them & catch up. Afterwards my Papaw posed for this pic.  He is so darn cute! He was going for a "Gangsta" look lol!
My Aunt & Cousin B
2. Sometimes when I visit back home I go back to my old job and visit everyone I used to work with on midnights.  This night was my cousin B's last night.  She got a new job :) I miss working with them sooo much!
3. One of the things I miss most about living back home is walking by the river.  My beautiful hometown has a bicycle/walking path by the river.  It is so peaceful. 
T & I
4. Before going back to school, my friend T & I had a pedi day.  We have been friends since we were kids. We may not get to see each other very often, but when we do we always seem to pick up right where we left off.  I just love her!
Pedi Day
Barn Party :)
Kelly, Dee, Judy, Me & Aunt Jen
1. This past weekend was the annual Barn Party on Offenberger Mountain. It is one of my favorite things about fall.  There is music, karaoke, good food, good drinks, good people, hoodies and a fire going. (And it's Travis's birthday!)  You just kick back, relax, and visit with friends. Doesn't get better than that!
Me with the official Offenberger Mascots!
Birthday Boy, Dee, Me, Joy, Brian and Dan planking.
Too much fun!
Paxton likes to party too!
My Fabulous Aunt & me :)


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I am now following you back. You look like you have a great bunch of family and friends around you, xoxo.

    1. Thank you! I am a very lucky girl...I have been blessed with the best friends & family :)


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