Little Succulent Garden

I love flowers! I have been so stressed lately I really felt like I needed my hands in some dirt. (So therapeutic!) I found this super cute planter at Big Lots for $12.  (It is actually all one piece) At first I couldn't figure out what kind of a flowers I wanted to plant, until I found these pretty succulents at Lowes. I got some cactus soil and decided to plant them! I love succulents because they are so low maintenance... and they look cute in my windowsill :)


  1. OMG- I have been wanting to do some succulents too! I love them- the look of them and all the varieties. I wasn't sure about the soil and watering tho, so you use cactus soil? Cool! This just might be a fall project for me ;)
    If I can keep the cats from eating them...

  2. Yep I use the miracle grow cactus soil for it. If you have some sand, you can mix sand and regular soil together and it will make the same effect. Only water them when they are dry! That's how I killed my last ones. Good luck keeping them from the furbabies! :)


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