My Fab 5 of The Week

1. MLT final. I was dreading Monday because of my last final, but boy was I glad it was over with.

2. Wednesday N & I went for a walk around our little town.  I showed him a new park I found and we walked by the river.  It was such a beautiful day. I love getting quality time with my man :)

The river by our home.

N & I by the river.

Me outside Col. Crawford's cabin.

My N. Outside of Crawford's Cabin.

3. Thursday my dear N took me to Drake's Well. It was the very first well that was drilled in the US. I have been wanting me to visit it because N would get really excited when ever he would talk about it.  I learned so much about the Oil & Gas Industry.  (Blog Post about that coming soon) I am so proud of my husband :)

N & I outside Drakes Well

4. On our way home from Drakes Well, N found this beauty. If N sells his SUV this may very well be ours :)
66 Mustang <3

5. Vacation!!!!! Since N couldn't make it, I went on vacation with my family. Oh how I have missed the beach!
Surfside SC

Hemi, my sisters dog, HATES the water!

My Mom & Dad <3

Sister & Her Boyfriend

Grandparents Dog Otis :)

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